How to Choose the Best Juicer for a Cancer Patient Budget

Well, obviously, a “FREE” juicer is best for any budget! What are the options for a cancer patient or health enthusiast considering the best juicer for their wallet?

veggie juice vegetable juice carrot juice beet juice apple juice greensBoth times I’ve been diagnosed with cancer I was kindly given the use of a juicer. Each time I used a different brand of juicer. One was a Champion juicer that a dear friend loaned to me, and one was a Jack LaLane juicer that belonged to my mom and dad. There are other options which tend to be more expensive and if you can afford those, go for it! The two juicers I’ve used tend to be affordable and did the job I needed at crucial times in my life.

Here is my experience with each juicer.

The Champion Juicer

champion juicer jack lalane juicer nutribullet juicing raw foods veggie juiceThe Champion is just that – a true champ at juicing. Champion juicers run between $250 and $295 and have a full 1/3 horsepower, heavy duty General Electric Motor. The juicer works great, easy to use, and has a number of attachments to help you make other items such as, “Frozen Sorbets, Sherbets, Baby Foods, Fruit Sauces and Nut Butters.”

The juicer can be a challenge to clean due to the removal of parts. The Champion juicer also needs to have olive oil placed on the mechanism after each use to ensure smooth operation. However, cleaning and oiling are well worth the effort to gain the benefit of fresh veggie and fruit juices!

The Jack LaLane Juicer

jack lalane juicer nutribullet champion juicing raw foods juices veggie juice vegetable juiceThe Jack LaLane juicer packs a powerful punch in a small and affordable juicing machine. The juicer is available in both plastic (PBA free) and stainless steel models and the price ranges from $69.95 to $120. I obtained the first Jack LaLane juicer in October of 2012 from my parents. It has lasted until the writing of this blog post (January 11, 2017) and has been replaced by the gift of a new Jack LaLane Fusion Juicer effective tonight. The older model still works just fine and I’m happy to be passing it on to a family member who would like to start juicing.

Like the Champion juicer, the Jack LaLane juicer requires cleaning, but I have found the Jack LaLane juicer much simpler to take apart, clean, and put back together. One tip my parents gave me was to place a small grocery bag in the area to collect pulp. When you’re read to clean out the juicer, simply pull out the entire bag. You’ve just saved yourself one step in the cleaning process!

What about the Nutribullet or Ninja blenders?

Last weekend I went shopping for a new juicer with my mom and sister. I was surprised to find that the only options in a major department store were a Nutribullet or Ninja blender in various styles. The salesperson was very helpful but was puzzled when I asked, “Do you have any juicers?” She pointed to the blender display and said, “Sure, right over there!” When I explained I meant a true juicer, not a blender, she asked, “Oh! Why, what’s the difference? We haven’t had the plain juicers in awhile because these are so popular.”

I shared that I could not drink five pounds of pulp each day (ie, Nutribullet or Ninja blenders), but I could drink five pounds of carrots juiced each day when I was on the cancer recovery plan. The juicer provides the liquid and no pulp. The blenders are ideal for one smoothie a day but the juicers are crucial for healing and wellness plans requiring juiced vegetables and fruit in higher quantities. We need those fresh enzymes in large quantities to help our immune system!

So what’s the best juicer for the cancer patient budget?

  1. Free! Ask friends and family if they have a juicer they are not using. Chances are, someone has one sitting in their kitchen or stored away and they would be happy to loan it to you.
  2. The Jack LaLane comes in at a lower price and still works like a horse. The Champion provides great extra options making it versatile. Choose which one meets your goals!

Have you used a juicer? Which one do you prefer, and why? I’d love to know! I’m getting thirsty. Time to go make some juice!








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